About Us

Our Mission: Empowering Women, One Star at a Time

Our Mission:
Empowering Women,
One Star at a Time

Our mission is crystal clear - we are here to empower women like you to live lives of financial freedom and fun, all while protecting your right to express your sensuality safely to the world.

We believe that your power as a woman is boundless, we are just here to help you shine.

Why OnlyStars Modelling Management Exists

After being part of the adult entertainment world and witnessing the poor treatment of women across the industry, we were driven to create a place that provided the safety, respect, and professionalism that would deliver the financial freedom and fun you deserve.

From there, OnlyStars was born in the sun-kissed sands of Southern California. Built for women, run by women to combat the toxic culture that often plagues the OnlyFans industry and our culture at large. We are dedicated advocates for female content creators everywhere.

The OS Manifesto

We are Stars …

If you don't want to shine, you are in the wrong place.

We are women and we believe that is an advantage.

We are not timid, shy, or asking permission.

We run businesses, we run families, we run shit.

We are caregivers, not shit takers.

Our closets are full of Louboutin, our laundry is full of Lululemon.

We believe women are smarter, stronger, and more capable than men.

We believe our sexuality is something to be celebrated, not shamed.

We believe our opinions should be expressed, not repressed.

We believe our femininity is our source of strength, not our weakness.

We believe it's possible to have breasts, a booty … and a brain.

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, and above all…

We. Are. Stars.

If that's you ... time to shine.

Welcome to OnlyStars!

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